Your Rights

At Uppsala University, all students share the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities. This is regulated by the federal laws that govern higher education in Sweden. In addition, the university has established certain guidelines to ensure that students experience an open, accommodating and diverse study environment.

Influence Your Studies

As a student of Uppsala University, you are a valued member of the community and are the focal point of all operations. According to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, which governs higher education in Sweden, all students have the right to be involved in important decisions made by the university. You are considered a co-worker of the university, and your opinions are crucial to improving the quality of education. You, along with the student unions and student committees, play an important role when it comes to the development of programmes and courses. For example, when you have finished a course you are required to fill out a course evaluation. The feedback received in these evaluations enables the university to make the changes and developments needed to improve the course. If you wish get more involved in educational matters at the university, please contact your student union.

The university as a whole has adopted many policies and procedures to ensure that your study environment meets your needs as a student. These have been outlined in several internal steering documents, and were formed by both staff members and representatives from the student unions.

Student Working Conditions

The Guidelines for Student Working Conditions is often referred to as the list of student rights. This document outlines the demands you can make on such matters as your physical and psychosocial environment, quality development and student influence, course planning and scheduling, teaching, resources and examination procedures.

Anti-Discrimination and Equal Treatment of Students

At Uppsala University, all students share the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or other belief system. This is clearly stated in the Discrimination Act. In addition, Uppsala University has an action plan for equal opportunities, which details how equality, accessibility and diversity will be employed at the university.

Grading Issues

Any student who feels they have been graded unfairly can turn to the university’s ombudsman for grading issues. This also applies to students who believe an assessment procedure was poorly executed.


To create meeting places for students and staff with different ethnic and religious backgrounds is a way to increase creativity and acceptance at the university. The university aims to increase diversity amongst the student body, and the broader recruitment plan, Handlingsplan för breddad rekrytering (only available in Swedish), outlines how the university can achieve this goal.

Parental Support

On average, every fifth student at Uppsala University is a parent. It is therefore extremely important that student life can be combined with parenting. The university has a Parental Policy (pdf) that concerns all employees and students. The policy supports a positive attitude to parenthood and provides information and guidelines on how to support students and employees with children.


In order to sit an exam you must register through the Student Portal. The registration procedures can differ between the departments. The administration of all formal written examinations is conducted by anonymous methods. Read more about examination.

Read the full list of Regulations and Guidelines at Uppsala University.

Cheating and Plagiarism

It is considered cheating if you use prohibited aids during an examination. Plagiarizing material or essay writing is also considered cheating. If you are accused of cheating a representative from the student union can offer assistance and support in the process. Read more about cheating.

Who can I turn to?

What support is available at my department?

There are many people at your department who can offer you assistance, for example, study counsellors, course or programme coordinators, director of studies or head of department.

As a student, you can turn to any of these peolple for support. The study counsellors are bound to secrecy about things related to your personal circumstances.

Overall support from the University

If you have questions about the university's work for equal opportunities, you can contact the coordinator for equal opportunities. There are also equal opportunities specialists at Uppsala University who promote the work for equal opportunities and against discrimination for students and staff. Furthermore, there are study and career counsellors, as well as safety representatives, coordinator for students with disabilities, and legal officers. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, the Student Health Centre has counsellors and psychologists who will assist you in times of need.

If you feel you have been graded unfairly

If you feel like the grading has been unfairly done you can ask the examiner to reconsider your grade. If you still, after the reassessment, find the grading unfairly done you can turn to the ombudsman for grading issues.