Student Health Service at Campus Gotland

Good health and a balanced life are crucial for successful study results. Student Health Service offers individual counselling, courses and workshops for students at Campus Gotland.

Do you have problems caused by stress, insomnia, low self-confidence, performance anxiety, speech anxiety, too much alcohol or other things that make life complicated? Do not hesitate to contact Student Health Service before the problems get too big.

The staff at Student Health Service ("Studenthälsan" in Swedish) are professional social workers/counsellors. Student Health Service does not, however, have health care professionals for medical or physical problems. For these, you should contact one of the medical centres in town.

Student Health Service is available for drop-in but the best way is to book a time through our booking system. Don't forget to choose "Boka Studenthälsan, 60 min" when you enter the booking system.

You can also get in touch with Student Health Service by e-mail: or phone: 0498 - 10 82 44.

(If you contact Student Health Service by e-mail, remember not to include sensitive information since the security of such channels is not totally reliable when it comes to confidential information.)

Student Health Service is at house D, floor 1.

Your visits are free of charge and confidential.


The Swedish primary health care

The Swedish Primary Health Care (PHC) system offers a wide range of health care services and there are several well equipped centers around Visby. They are the ones to contact if you have physical health problems like colds, stomach problems, a sprained ankle or other such problems. Be sure to check your health insurance from home that your expenses will be covered.

To get in touch with the PHC call: 1177, they speak English. 

The official website also offers extensive advice on healthcare topics in several languages.

Crises - call 112

All people can experience or get into a state of crisis, especially so if you are far away from your supportive network and wellknown surroundings.

In case of immediate threat to life, health or property, contact SOS Alarm, (00) 112

  • Call SOS Alarm (00) 112 to reach rescue services, ambulance, emergency department at Visby hospital, fire brigade or police
  • Do not hang up until you have been instructed to do so
  • Specify a telephone number where you may be reached so that SOS Alarm or the emergency services centre can call you back.

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