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Uppsala University – Campus Gotland

Visiting and delivery address: Cramérgatan 3, SE-621 57 VISBY

Postal address: Campus Gotland, SE-621 67 VISBY

Tel.: +46 498 10 82 00
Fax: +46 498 10 84 95
E-mail: see individual items below

Opening hours

Campus Gotland’s premises are open 24 hours a day. Access cards are not needed weekdays 7.30–17.00 as the entrance doors are unlocked at these times (summertime 7.30–16.00).

Reception at main entrance

The reception is open Monday–Friday: 8.00–16.30. Weekdays before bank holidays, e.g. Friday 1 November before All Saints Day, the reception is open until 13.00.

• E-mail:

• Tel.: +46 498 10 82 00

More information about the reception


At Student Services you can ask questions about your studies, apply for your degree certificate, get an extract from the register or discuss studying abroad. The Student Health Service is also part of Student Services.

Study administration

The study administration office at Campus Gotland can help you with administrative matters regarding your studies including registration and reported exam results, etc.

On this page you can find out which study administrator is in charge of which subject area and the telephone number of each study administrator.

To send an e-mail to any administrator, please use the general e-mail address:

Study guidance counselling

The study guidance counsellor can help you with guidance and information about university studies at Campus Gotland.

Where: House D, entrance floor

More information about Study Guidance Counselling.

Student Health Service

As a student you have access to the Student Health Service.

Where: House D, entrance floor.

More information about the Student Health Service.

Degree certificate

When you have completed your studies, you should collect your degree certificate. If you have any questions about degree certificates, please send an e-mail to:

At Campus Gotland you can talk to degree administrator Marianne Thorén:

• Where? Building D, 2nd floor
• E-mail:
• Tel.: +46 498 10 82 37

Everything you need to know about degrees at Uppsala University can be found here 

Studies abroad

As a student at Uppsala University there are numerous possibilities for you to study and/or complete a placement abroad. On Campus Gotland, our international administrator Annika Jörnemark can help you:

• E-mail:
• Tel.: +46 498 10 82 25

Admissions office at Uppsala University

If you have any questions about your application, please contact us at: Tel.: +46 18 471 47 30. E-mail:

International Office

For general enquiries about Master’s studies at Uppsala University​:

For general enquiries about Bachelor's studies at Uppsala University​:

General questions about exchange studies:

IT support and help desk

The IT support is found in the Reception at the ground floor. We are there between 14:30 - 15:30 Monday - Friday, except for public holidays. You can also reach us by e-mail or telephone between 08.00–16.30 Monday–Friday, except for public holidays.

More information about IT support and Help desk

Rindi Student Union

One of Rindi's tasks is to make sure your study time is as effective, creative and enjoyable as possible.

Tage Cervinsgatan 1 SE-621 56 Visby
Tel. +46 498 10 84 90


More information about Rindi.

The Almedalen Library

The library's premises are open:
Monday 8.30–21.00
, Tuesday–Thursday 8.30–19.00, 
Friday 8.30–17.00, 
Saturday & Sunday: 12.00 noon–16.00. 

The desks are manned from 10.00 on weekdays (self-service from 8.30 to 10.00). 
On Sundays 12 noon–16.00 the library is open for student hosts (self-service applies).

More information about the library.

How to find Campus Gotland

Find your way to Campus Gotland from Visby airport and Visby ferry terminal.