Organisation of Campus Gotland

Since the autumn of 2014, all the University’s Disciplinary Domains (Humanities and Social Sciences - Medicine and Pharmacy – Science and Technology) have been represented at Uppsala University - Campus Gotland.

There is now a total of 20 university departments involved in teaching and research at Campus Gotland.

Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland

The various Advisers to the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University have a strategic role conferred on them by the Vice-Chancellor as well as an operative and coordinating role conferred by heads of departments or other administrators at Uppsala University. The task of the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland is to develop, coordinate, make visible and promote the activities of Campus Gotland.

Olle Jansson is Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland.

Planning Council

The Planning Council is an advisory and supportive body for the Disciplinary Domains and Faculties in all matters relating to operational planning. The job of the Planning Council is to make proposals and give opinions to the Disciplinary Domain/Faculty boards prior to the University Board deciding how to allocate resources.

The Planning Council comprises the following members:

In addition to the above, the Planning Council has three student representatives as well as representatives of the University's staff organisations (with the right to attend and speak at meetings).

Administrative support and campus management

The Division for Administration and Campus Management at Campus Gotland is tasked with, amongst other things, providing administrative support for the Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor, being responsible for campus management issues on behalf of the Campus Management organisation for Campus Gotland, and undertaking assignments at the University Administration on behalf the departments concerned.

Lars Karlsson, Professor and Head of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, is Chair of the Campus Management organisation for Campus Gotland.

The Campus Management organisation is an organisation for cooperation between university departments and other entities operating at Campus Gotland, and is responsible for cost-effective coordination of the departments’ support functions in education and research.

Therése Iveby-Gardell is the Administrative Manager/Head of Division for Campus Gotland.

The photo above of Olle Jansson and Therése Iveby-Gardell was taken by Mikael Wallerstedt.

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