Goals and strategies for Campus Gotland

“Goals and strategies for Uppsala University – Campus Gotland” is linked to the University's overall goals and strategies, and is based on the University’s underlying values and visions.

The aim is to clarify specific goals and strategies for Uppsala University – Campus Gotland (hereinafter referred to “Campus Gotland”), in order to create integration and to provide operational direction and guidance during the initial period of 2013–2016, in connection with the establishment of Campus Gotland.

Campus Gotland shall be an integral part of Uppsala University. These goals and strategies are a matter of great importance, and are the responsibility of all the University's subject areas. Our vision is to create a unique profile within Uppsala University, and operations on Gotland that are sustainable and competitive in the long term, thereby contributing towards the development of Sweden as a knowledge economy.

The long-term objective is to increase the presence of students and teaching staff at Campus Gotland and the development of Liberal Arts Education, online education and collaboration with surrounding society, regionally, nationally and internationally. It is also important to create a cohesive campus and to take advantage of Gotland's location and its unique circumstances.

The merger between Uppsala University and Gotland University is a historic chapter in the development of the University. I am firmly convinced that the whole of the University will be enriched by operations at Campus Gotland, which represent a valuable contribution towards our ongoing work for a better world.

Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor

Uppsala university – Campus Gotland

Campus Gotland is an integral part of Uppsala University, where departments and faculties carry out education and research. At the same time, Campus Gotland is also a unique part of Uppsala University thanks to its location in the middle of the Baltic Sea, the world heritage city of Visby and its small-scale, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary environment.

  • Campus Gotland shall be an academic environment for excellent education and research.
  • In its teaching, research and collaboration, Campus Gotland shall take advantage of everything that makes Gotland's location as “the Eye of the Baltic” so special.
  • Campus Gotland shall be able to act – in interaction with the rest of Uppsala University – as an incubator for developing ideas that can benefit the entire University, both within education and research and within collaboration.
  • The development of online learning and Liberal Arts Education shall play a particularly important role at Campus Gotland.
  • The presence of students and teaching staff shall grow at Campus Gotland.

A campus for first-class education

Education at Campus Gotland shall be an integral part of educational operations at Uppsala University. The small-scale yet multidisciplinary environment creates unique opportunities for collaboration between the University's departments and faculties.

With its specific role within Liberal Arts Education and its online learning, Campus Gotland will become a platform for pedagogical and technological innovation for the entire University. All employees work together to offer students a stimulating, inclusive learning environment.

Goals and strategies for a campus for first-class education

A campus for prominent research

Research at Campus Gotland shall be an integral part of operations at Uppsala University as a whole, and shall be organised according to the relevant department or faculty. The academic environment at Campus Gotland shall be developed through an increased presence of teaching staff, researchers and doctoral students with strong subject-based backing. New and existing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research environments shall be developed in collaboration with international, national, regional and local players.

Goals and strategies for a campus for prominent research

A campus that collaborates with society

Through Campus Gotland, Uppsala University has an important role to play in regional development. Close dialogue shall be maintained with the region and with regional culture and industry. Campus Gotland shall establish itself as an attractive and professional forum for Baltic collaboration.

Goals and strategies for a campus that collaborates with society

An evolving campus environment

At Campus Gotland, many departments from different subject areas shall work together. Students and teaching staff shall have access to the same support as at the University as a whole. Campus Gotland shall be a cohesive, creative and attractive environment. It shall be organised in such a way that new, high quality operations can easily emerge and be developed.

Goals and strategies for an evolving campus environment

Goals and strategies as pdf

Goals and strategies for Uppsala university - Campus Gotland

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