Friends of Campus Gotland

On 1 July 2013, Gotland University merged with Uppsala University to form Uppsala University - Campus Gotland. The merger offers Gotland new opportunities for high-quality education and research. It also implies a responsibility for us on Gotland to do our bit for Campus Gotland and to support these developments.

We, who have signed this invitation, want to do that by forming an association which as yet has the working name “Friends of Campus Gotland”. We envisage it as a kind of “think-tank” or “supporters’ club”.

We want to form an association that aims to create added value for Campus Gotland. We want to bring together the people of Gotland – both permanent residents and summer residents – who can contribute to the development of Campus Gotland. We envisage this not only as a contribution to the development of teaching and research at Campus Gotland, but also to the development of our “third task”, which is to reach out to the wider community with the results of this teaching and research. This may involve holding lectures or taking part in seminars, involving Campus Gotland in future development projects, or creating degree projects or student placements, etc. The Friends of Campus Gotland aim to be of use and benefit to students and teachers at Uppsala University - Campus Gotland.

We invite you to become a member of our association

We are interested in involving people who are or who have been active in the higher education sector, including research institutes and research funding – anyone who wants to contribute to making Campus Gotland a success, whether you are a permanent resident of Gotland or a summer resident.

It costs nothing to join

There are no obligations involved other than being a Friend of Campus Gotland – a friend who contributes whatever time and resources they may have available. The association will be in the form of a network that does not intend to engage in any kind of commercial activity and thus need not charge membership fees. Uppsala University - Campus Gotland will provide the premises and meet any costs that arise in connection with meetings.

Members - 2015-07-21

  • Christian Berne
  • Berit Berne
  • Isabel Enström
  • Tore Gannholm
  • Torsten Gislestram
  • Lena Gunningberg
  • Per Gunningberg
  • Sarah Havrén Schütz
  • Sven Jungerhem
  • Lars-Magnus Lahne
  • Sverker Ljunghall
  • Ingegärd E. Malmros
  • Gunilla Rosenqvist
  • Margareta Sjöblom
  • Rolf Sjöblom
  • Sabine Sten
  • Harald Stjerne
  • Jörgen Tholin
  • Felix Thålin
  • Lars Wärngård

Membership of Friends of Campus Gotland

If you would like to apply for membership, please contact Sarah Havrén-Schütz at the Division for Communication and External Relations at Uppsala University.