About Campus Gotland

On 1 July 2013 Gotland University merged with Uppsala University. This heralded the formation of the University's twelfth campus, Uppsala University - Campus Gotland.

The vision for Campus Gotland is to create a unique profile within Uppsala University and a long-term sustainable and competitive educational centre on the island of Gotland. In this way, a contribution is made to building Sweden into a leading knowledge-centred nation. 

In the longer term, the objective is to increase the presence of students and teachers on campus and to develop Liberal Arts Education, network-based learning and collaboration, regionally, nationally and internationally.

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At the present time, 20 departments and an international education centre (SWEDESD) are operating at Campus Gotland. All the respective areas of research are represented on campus.

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is the oldest university in the Nordic region. Research of world class and high quality degree programmes bring value to society and business in a global context. The accent is on diversity and breadth, with international frontline research being undertaken within nine faculties. There is an unrivalled selection of degree programmes at both the undergraduate and master levels.

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Study at Uppsala University - Campus Gotland

Why study at Campus Gotland? Here are some reasons why studies at Uppsala University in Visby might be an interesting choice.

Department of Game Design

The Department of Game Design, within Uppsala University’s Faculty of Arts, is based on Campus Gotland. 


The Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland

The Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland has a strategic role as well as an operative and coordinating role for Campus Gotland.

Ar Research Station

Ar Research Station is one of the University's research stations, situated in the northern part of Gotland.

One of 12 campus areas

Campus Gotland is one of 12 campus areas within Uppsala University. All campus areas are here.


SWEDESD supports Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) through capacity development, research and policy development.

Some facts about Gotland

Gotland has a World Heritage, is the biggest island in the Baltic Sea, and Ingmar Bergman lived here.

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Jobs at Campus Gotland

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Goals and strategies for Campus Gotland

Goals and strategies for Campus Gotland is based on the University's underlying values and visions.

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About Uppsala University

Uppsala University - oldest university in the Nordic countries and one of the world's highest ranked universities.